As women get older, sagging breasts become more likely. This is simply the nature of aging. As the production of collagen diminishes, skin loses its elasticity, which means wrinkles, lines, and the loss of firmness and suppleness all over the body. Genetics and gravity will also contribute to the eventual drooping of the breasts.

The amount of sagging can vary, but the bottom line is that women would generally prefer to have perkier, firmer, and rounder breasts no matter their age....Read More

Losing weight can change your body in unexpected ways. Loose skin, hanging flab, and stretch marks are common, and they often require professional attention. Many patients in the Atlanta, GA area have contacted board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marcus H. Crawford to find out how to get rid of this loose skin.

The tummy tuck is the ideal option for removing unwanted abdominal skin and stretch marks. Let’s cover some of the basics of...Read More

If you want to enhance your figure, there are plenty of ways to do so. For women looking to improve their curves, silicone and saline breast implants are a great option. Dr. Marcus H. Crawford has helped numerous patients in and around Atlanta, GA achieve their cosmetic goals.

Here are some common signs that a person is ready for breast augmentation surgery. Go through this list and consider the points made....Read More

Board-certified plastic surgeon and cosmetic skin care specialist Dr. Marcus Crawford offers the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures for aesthetic enhancement. He has helped countless patients in the greater Atlanta, GA area enhance their curves, reverse signs of aging, and look their best.

Over the years, the team at Crawford Plastic Surgery has noticed changing trends in the field of plastic surgery. With this in mind, we...Read More

It is an unfortunate fact that time can take its toll on the human body. You may notice sagging in areas of the body that were previously firm and strong. As a result, patients may want to find a way to restore their bodies to their former youthful appearance.

Nowhere is this more evident than among women who wish to restore their sagging or drooping breasts to their previous appearance before age, weight change, or pregnancy and breast feeding took their toll. All that is needed is...Read More

Some patients may not take cosmetic surgical procedures seriously simply because they are elective treatments that are designed to improve their appearance. Of course, certain cosmetic surgeries are more involved than others. Dermal filler injections are not as invasive as a breast lift procedure. The latter surgery requires more careful attention to pre-op instructions to reduce the risk of complications. The breast lift procedure is designed to lift drooping breasts back into a higher,...Read More


It is an unfortunate fact that dramatic changes in the shape of the body can cause the skin to lose elasticity. This is particularly evident in women’s breasts. Whether due to pregnancy and lactation, changes in body weight or the effects of aging, the human breast can easily start to sag and droop. Drs. Marcus Crawford and Steven Bailey have seen many such women who hope to restore their breasts to a more youthful appearance.

Because a breast lift surgical procedure is elective (as...Read More


Each patient that comes to see Drs. Marcus Crawford and Steven Bailey is unique in terms of goals, concerns, and physique. This is particularly true in the case of a breast lift procedure, which involves the use of surgical techniques depending upon the size and shape of a woman’s breast. The breast lift procedure will remove excess breast skin to address sagging or drooping breasts, lifting them upward, giving them a more youthful look. The nipples can also be repositioned. Depending on the...Read More


There is no question that pregnancy can have a dramatic effect on a woman’s body even after she gives birth and is finished nursing her infant. The breasts will rapidly lose volume once the infant is weaned. Unfortunately, the breasts do not always revert back to their pre-pregnancy size and shape. In addition, the breasts and nipple-areola complex may sag or droop or change in size or volume, or the breast skin may develop stretch marks. This can cause women to feel self-conscious about the...Read More


A breast lift procedure (mastopexy) is designed to lift up sagging, drooping breasts to give them a more youthful and full appearance. Although the procedure can be done in conjunction with a breast reduction or a breast augmentation procedure, the recovery for just a breast lift is generally shorter than for either of the other two procedures alone. Recovery time will depend on the amount of work needed to meet the patient’s goals. Breast lifts can involve a simple repositioning of the...Read More