Liposuction isn’t just for thighs and tummies. It can define the jaw line and give patients a more youthful face.

Ideal Candidates

Good candidates for liposuction of the chin and neck include those who:

  • Have relatively good skin tone. If fat is removed, it can lead to sagging of the jaw and jowls. If a patient with lax skin desires the procedure, it may need to be combined with a face...Read More

Nasolabial folds are folds of skin that span from the base of the nose to the side of the mouth and separate the lip from the cheek. Because they crease when a person smiles, speaks, or laughs, they are also sometimes called laugh lines, or smile lines. They become more pronounced with age, but many young people have quite prominent ones. 

There are many potential causes for the development of nasolabial folds. Aside from the normal expression of emotion, nasolabial...Read More


There are some cases in which patients may wish to combine surgical procedures to cut down on recovery time. For plastic surgery patients, they may wish to combine two elective cosmetic procedures, such as a facelift and an eyelid lift; others may wish to combine a cosmetic procedure with another type of medical procedure. Combining a...Read More


All patients who undergo cosmetic surgery want their procedure to be a success. They have invested a great deal of time and money in attempting to improve their appearance, and want to have the best possible results. Unfortunately, in a few cases, the initial surgery may not go as planned, so a second revision surgery is needed. This can be particularly frustrating for patients who have undergone a rhinoplasty (nose job), not...Read More

As we age, our skin loses collagen, a protein that is essentially the “glue” that holds together the human body. The result is that the skin looks less full. This can be particularly evident around the cheeks. Gaunt or hollowed cheeks make a person look old and tired. However, there are techniques that can fill out the cheeks, restoring a more youthful look to the face. Today’s options for cheek augmentation are much more varied than they were just a few years ago. Patients can now choose...Read More

Patients who are considering a facelift cosmetic surgical procedure may be particularly worried about incision healing and scars. After all, if a patient has decided to spend the money for a facelift procedure, they are doing so in an effort to improve their appearance. Unsightly or obvious scars detract from that. Dr. Marcus Crawford and Dr. Steven Bailey can help patients reduce the appearance of facelift procedure scars. Below are some risk factors for scarring, as well as what can be...Read More


A nose job (rhinoplasty) can make a tremendous difference to a person’s appearance. It can correct for overly large, long, or wide noses, those with bumps, or even droopy nasal tips. A proper nose job can put the facial features back into proper proportion, thereby minimizing the focus on just one feature of the face.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Nonsurgical Nose Job?

Although a rhinoplasty is a relatively...Read More

Facelift AlternativesSeptember 14, 2013

A facelift can do wonders to tighten and tone the face, giving it a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. Unfortunately, it may not be the best option for all patients. Those with certain chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes may not be good candidates for a surgical procedure. Those patients who have a history of a bad response to anesthesia, antibiotics or pain medication, or are prone to poor wound healing or excessive scarring may wish not to undergo a...Read More

Despite outward appearances, the human body is not completely symmetrical. One eye may be slightly larger than the other, or one leg might be a bit longer or shorter than the other leg. The same holds true for the breasts. One breast may be slightly larger or smaller, or sit a bit higher or lower on the chest. In most cases, breast asymmetry is almost undetectable. However, in some cases, there may be a discernable difference in breast size, shape, or placement on the chest. This may not...Read More


Many patients may find that, despite a vigorous exercise regime and a low-fat diet, there may be areas on the body where the fat remains. One of the most common of these areas is the abdomen. Patients may find that despite their toned arms, thighs, and buttocks, they somehow cannot get rid of that stubborn “spare tire” around the middle. In such cases, liposuction may be the answer for patients seeking a completely toned and trimmed figure.

Candidates for Stomach Liposuction

...Read More