Women who opt for breast augmentation want to enhance their appearance. They often eagerly wait out the healing process in order to show off their new figure to the world. Unfortunately, in a few cases, patients may not get the results they had hoped for. The breast implants may not be placed correctly on the chest (breast implant malpositioning). In most of these cases, a second corrective surgery (...Read More

Bullying is a serious problem in today’s society, with some children taking every opportunity to taunt other children. In some cases, bullying continues unchecked, no matter what measures the parents and teachers try to take. When this happens, bullying can take a serious psychological toll on the mind of children and adolescents. If they are constantly teased about their appearance, it is very easy to become depressed and even suicidal. Though parents and teachers will try to shield...Read More


Other than the surgery itself, the thing that most women are concerned about when it comes to plastic surgery is how long it will take them to heal once the surgery is over. Though healing times vary from person to person, there are ways to speed up healing and ensure that the patient has the best resources for the healing process.

Ice Packs

Ice compresses can significantly reduce swelling and bruising areas after plastic surgery, especially when they are applied properly and...Read More


The decision to invest in cosmetic surgery is not made lightly. It is also an investment of money, time, and effort. People who opt to undergo plastic surgery have made a commitment to improving their features to look as good as possible.

However, patients may not be aware that their investment in cosmetic surgery needs to start well before the actual surgery itself. It is vital to be as healthy as possible before undergoing any surgical procedure, including cosmetic work. Avoiding...Read More


Patients who are considering liposuction may be concerned about excessive swelling and bruising, as well as scars from incision sites. However, there have been a number of advances in the procedure over the years, ranging from thinner cannulaes (the metal tube used to vacuum out the fat from the body), to less invasive anesthesia, to the use of ultrasound to help with liposuction. The latter is particularly important because not...Read More

Arnica montana is a common treatment option for those who have suffered a sudden fall or blow. Arnica montana is a flower that is made into a soothing ointment, gel, cream, or pill that helps people heal with comfort, and cures them from the core. The use of Arnica as a medical aid is rooted in time old traditions, and it is still considered one of the best ways to heal today.

The Arnica Plant

Arnica is a perennial plant with tall stems 20-60 cm high. It bears a single flower...Read More


Many women receive breast implants to get breasts that are bigger and fuller in size. There are quite a variety of different textures, shapes, and sizes for women to choose from when deciding how they wish to improve their appearance. Women also undergo surgery for different reasons. Learn more about the reasons for breast augmentation surgery, as well as the different options that are available to meet these needs....Read More


A tummy tuck cosmetic surgical procedure can be an excellent option for patients who may have excess abdominal skin following a pregnancy or sudden loss of a large amount of weight. However, some patients may wonder if a tummy tuck procedure can help reduce appetite, which may help with weight loss. The truth is that while a tummy tuck might change appetite, it is generally just temporary. In comparison, a lap band procedure is specifically designed to help reduce appetite.

Tummy...Read More


It can be difficult to pick the appropriate breast size, especially if a woman has had small breasts all her life. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to which size to choose. It depends entirely on the woman’s body and her desired look once the implants have settled entirely. This can be difficult to determine fully until you meet with your doctor and see what suggestions he or she has. It may be helpful to bring pictures or ideas of the desired look along...Read More

Causes of CelluliteDecember 18, 2013

Cellulite is the rumpled, “cottage cheese” appearance of fat beneath the skin. The most basic cause of cellulite is fat beneath the skin. No matter how many hours a day a woman works out or how healthy she eats, there will always be some fat deposits on the body. They are necessary to maintaining the health of the entire body, and protect the body from falls, bumps, and scrapes. Usually, the fat deposits that a healthy woman retains are small and actually add to her appearance, giving her...Read More